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My first Blog



Well, this is my first blog, but I want to start it out right. So, the first thing I'm gonna talk about is how to treat people in the fast food business. As we all know, its very easy to make fun of the people with no job to speak of. I mean, its one of the easiest proffessions in the world. However, even with my great dislike of many of the people who serve me food, you better know to not mess with them. Here are my reasons as to why.

1. Don't complain about pricing to anyone in the store. Realize that people don't care that you think prices are too high. They can't do anything about it anyways, as fast food restaurants are nationalized, and rarely set their own prices.

2. Don't make an unnecessary mess. No one expects you to have an immaculate table after you're done eating, but when we go out and see entire sandwhiches thrown on the ground, an entire drink spilled, and sauce on the walls, it makes workers very angry.

3. Don't demand a straw right when you get to the window. Many companies have a policy that states outright to give the straw last so that drive-through isn't refilling drinks, because that's what dining in is for.

4. When going through the drive-thru, have your window down by the time you get to the order box. I cannot tell you how many times I have asked, "May I take your order please?" and not gotten a response, only to be screamed at ten seconds later because they didn't hear me ask that question. Not that I have done this, but rumor is that people have received sandwiches with spit and dirt in them in some of the more vulgar confrontations.

5. If you just want water, go home. I realize that sometimes it gets thirsty on the road. However, it is rude to go through drive-thru to get water, and coming inside is just as bad. Go home. You'll get better water there.

6. Don't act like you know the menu when the people working are paid to know it. For example, one time I handed out an order, and the woman came back irate over me giving her thewrong cheese on her sandwich. As it happens, the two types of cheese our store had was Swiss and Cheddar. She demanded American, like she had last time. I politely informed her that we only stocked those two types, and I had been there for 2 years so I knew the deal. She blew up at me and said she was never coming back to the store again because the last time, she "knew" she got American cheese and that was the only kind she liked. As it happens, we didn't try and be any more helpful when she came in later asking for a refund.

7. If you come in late at night (on a store that closes), expect to wait or expect old food. In my years working the night shift, I have heard tons and tons of people complain about the wait on their food when it's ten minutes until closing time. Because we don't enjoy wasting food, we try to not cook fries and other goods non-stop unless its busy. And, ten minutes to closing, its almost never busy. So, unless you want the hour old fries or sandwich, don't complain about getting fresh food.

8. Do not eat food in the dining room if it is within 30 minutes of close. The reason behind this is that the person who has to clean has probably done a lot of cleaning before you came in, and wants to do his other jobs besides clean up after you ten minutes before he is supposed to leave. If you are that hungry, eat it outside. But don't make the employee work that much more, because he is barely getting paid minimum wage for it.

9. Do not insult the intelligence of the employees. Over 95% of the time, the restaurant is right. The customer is almost always wrong. Do not make a fool of yourself by insulting what the employee knows, because most of the time, the customer is wrong, like the story in tip 6. Also, many of the workers are also students, so please do everyone a favor and shut up and eat.

10. Don't come to the store to try and critique it (unless of course you are indeed a food critic). This is helpful to you and others. Don't come into a restaurant trying to be Mr. Righteous. Example, this older couple came in, and first complained about the trash in the parking lot (We shared the parking lot with two other stores, so it wasn't our job anyways). Then, they demanded to talk to the manager after hearing something "disgusting and gross" over the radio. I immediately apologized, but when looking at the station, which was a local talk show (non-offensive), the disgusting thing the couple had heard was a commercial for a male enhancement pill. While I don't enjoy either of those things much, they are not something to complain about. To top it off, they sent an email to the area supervisor, who also couldn't help.




































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